Maximum account per IP: 2 acc
Bot Helper: On
VIP advantages at Chaos Machine: Off
Cash shop items: Pets Jewelry and Tickets
PK Item Drop: 60%
Reset: Off
Max Level: 350
Version: Expansive Season 5
Blood Castle On
Castle Siege Off
Chaos Castle On
Crywolf Fortress On
Devil Square On
Gold Invasion On
Kalima On
Kantru/Maya Off
LorenDeep On
White Wizard On
Castle siege owner
Next confrontation
Server status Offline
Total of accounts 119
Total of characters 90
Total of guilds 4
Total of vips 4
Banned accounts 0
Banned characters 1
/ware Change warehouse ex: ware 1
/post Post a message in global chat
/str Add points in strength
/agi Add points in agility
/vit Add points in vitality
/ene dd points in energy
/com dd points in command
/offstore after opening your personal store use /offstore to sell offline
/pkclear required 10kk in zen
/readd required 8kk in zen
Free Vip
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